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Efficiently manage inventories across multiple warehouses with WrkPlan’s cloud-based inventory software. Make order tracking, barcode scanning, and stock issue resolution a breeze with our all-in-one platform. Upgrade to WrkPlan inventory solution for a hassle-free warehouse and stock management experience.

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Reasons to Choose WrkPlan for Smart
Inventory Management

WrkPlan provides a comprehensive set of user-friendly features for Warehouse Management Software, ideal for businesses seeking scalability.

  • Robust Inventory Control

    With WrkPlan's inventory solution, you gain greater control over your entire inventory, enabling demand generation while mitigating risks.

    • Efficiently monitor and track all your inventory stocks, stock availability, expenses, orders, and revenues.
    • Stay updated with real-time data on stock movement and stock clearance.
    • Collaborate directly with your vendors and suppliers to generate higher demands and fulfil them promptly from any location.
    • Streamline stock management through segmentation and supply allocation functionalities.
    Robust Inventory Control
  • Multiple Warehouse Management

    Multiple Warehouse Management

    Managing warehouses has never been easier. With the WrkPlan warehouse tracking system, you can effortlessly keep track of all your warehouses without worrying about stock issues.

    • Track, manage, and coordinate across multiple warehouse locations, facilitating smooth communication between your logistic teams.
    • Centralizes data from multiple warehouses on a single platform, providing a clear view of your supply chain management issues while streamlining the inventory process.
    • Monitor stock movements, stock availability, and stock ageing to avoid any issues during stock clearance.
  • Batch & Serial Number Tracking

    Manage all your items with just a few clicks. No more scrolling through item lists to check their stock availability, or search items via batch or serial number.

    • Create batch or serial numbers for any product to monitor its entire life cycle.
    • Track item locations from production to sale with real-time status updates.
    • Gain better control over your entire production process to ensure the highest production quality.
    • Identify and trace items with expiry dates or defects during production to mitigate stock losses across different warehouses.
    Batch & Serial Number Tracking
  • Item Images & Multi UOM

    Item Images & Multi UOM

    Enhance the visibility of your items to streamline your inventory process.

    • Create catalogues in WrkPlan Item Master with item photos to easily identify your products.
    • Get better visuals on your inventory to see your item appearances and visuals.
    • Easily find the right items using item images and mitigate the risk of placing incorrect orders.
    • Move and process items using multiple Units of Measurement (UOM) in the system.
  • Inter-warehouse Stock Transfer

    In addition to managing multiple warehouses, you can also track stock movements across different warehouses with WrkPlan warehouse inventory tracking software.

    • Transfer different stock items from one warehouse to another while tracking item locations with real-time updates.
    • Identify the items you want to move, specify the quantity, and choose the warehouse location for seamless transfers
    • Track all the details of the movements from the transport channel to the source and destination point.
    Inter-warehouse Stock Transfer
  • Drop Shipment Facility

    Drop Shipment Facility

    Streamline your supply chain management process with WrkPlan’s drop shipment facility and directly deliver goods to your customers.

    • Modify the shipment method in WrkPlan to bypass stocking goods in warehouses and deliver them directly to customers.
    • Enhance the customer experience and build stronger vendor-customer relationships.
    • Save time and resources while streamlining your sales process.
  • SKU Generation

    Organise your inventory items and control your stock flows by generating SKUs for all product ranges with the WrkPlan warehouse management system.

    • Generate SKUs based on a pattern in WrkPlan's Inventory Module, facilitating the identification of specific items and their quantities.
    • Maintain consistency by using the same pattern for any item group.
    • Eliminate confusion and item mix-ups during stock movement.
    SKU Generation

Industries We Serve

  • Manufacturing Manufacturing
  • IT Hardware IT Hardware
  • Foods and Beverages Foods and Beverages
  • Leather Goods Leather Goods
  • Rubber Goods Rubber Goods
  • Electronics Electronics
  • Textiles Textiles
  • Retails Retails
  • Distributors Distributors
  • Wholesalers Wholesalers
  • E-Commerce E-Commerce
  • Paper Goods Paper Goods
  • Restaurant Chains Restaurant Chains
  • Telecom Telecom
  • Sports and Fitness Sports and Fitness
  • Home Furniture Home Furniture
  • Automotive and Vehicles Automotive and Vehicles
  • Real Estates Real Estates

Real-Time Inventory Reports

Create valuable inventory reports with real-time insights on inventory, warehouse, and stock for seamless inventory flow and smart decision-making with WrkPlan.

  • Inventory Performance Report

    Inventory Performance Report

    Utilize our inventory performance report to comprehensively overview your inventory. Identify best-sellers and underperforming items, pinpoint items for reordering, track inventory turnover, and understand year-over-year growth to save costs and enhance performance.

  • Stock Level Report

    Stock Level Report

    With WrkPlan, effortlessly generate a detailed report displaying the current stock levels of all your inventory items and their locations. Get details on on-hand stocks, and allocated stocks, set reorder alerts, and estimate your sales velocity and stockout time for your inventory.

  • Dispatch Note Register

    Dispatch Note Register

    Record all warehouse shipments to customers or other warehouses. Utilize the Dispatch Note Register report for a clear view of dispatched stock numbers and associated customer and vendor documents with reference numbers.

  • Sale and Purchase Register

    Sale and Purchase Register

    Access a comprehensive report on all the stock purchased or sold during a specified period through WrkPlan's Inventory Management solution. Record, analyze, and manage your purchase orders, receivables, bills, and vendor details to streamline your stock flow.

  • Inventory Stock Valuation Report

    Inventory Stock Valuation Report

    Gain insights into the accurate quantity and total value of each stock item located in different warehouses with WrkPlan's stock valuation report. Calculate real-time stock value, movements, cost prices, and out-of-stock balances.

  • Multi-Warehouse Stock Records

    Multi-Warehouse Stock Records

    WrkPlan lets you view the amount of stocks remaining in multiple warehouses and track and manage them efficiently.

  • Item Price List Reportt

    Item Price List Report

    Access real-time prices of individual items based on their previous transactions with the item price list.

  • Stock Ageing Report

    Stock Ageing Report

    Analyze the age of each item and its duration on the shelves with the stock ageing report. This can help you identify underperforming items and compare your inventory performance against industry standards.

  • Vendor Wise Stock Register

    Vendor Wise Stock Register

    Review your stock item lists by individual vendors and assess the quantity of purchased or reordered stock from any vendor in the vendor-wise stock register report. This gives valuable insights into your purchase order transactions.

Trusted By Companies

For over two decades, WrkPlan ERP software has been assisting accountants and tax professionals, earning the trust of businesses across various industries.

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Nitesh Patel

Account Manager

The WrkPlan team knows how to keep their promises. We asked them for a few customizations and they did it within just a few days. Now my teams can easily manage taxes without any issues.

Roger D.


I have been using WrkPlan for more than 5 years now for my manufacturing company. The software interface is really simple and easy to understand. The team there is also very supportive.


Deputy Manager HR

Thank you to the team WrkPlan for your patience and professionalism. We have worked with them to set up a cloud-based ERP on our premises and they executed it within a stipulated time frame. WrkPlan Team is always quick to reply and provide good support!   

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Frequently Asked Questions

WrkPlan is a SaaS-based online inventory management software that provides easy-to-use tools for efficient warehouse management. It efficiently manages and eliminates potential inventory risks such as theft, damage, and expiration. Its high accuracy and speed provide real-time information on stock shelf life and enable small businesses to scale effectively.

Cloud-based inventory software surpasses traditional spreadsheets in terms of speed, accuracy, and data security. Online inventory solutions centralize all inventory data on a single platform,eliminating the need to search for scattered data. They offer real-time insights and automate manual tasks to reduce human errors and enhance overall productivity and efficiency.

WrkPlan logistics management software offers you a versatile set of tools to streamline your logistics operations. With WrkPlan, you can seamlessly monitor multiple warehouses from one platform, giving you detailed insights into stock levels, and optimizing your supply chain management for better demand forecasting and order fulfilment.

WrkPlan inventory tracking system utilizes advanced technologies like barcode scanning and automated data entry to minimize manual errors. This ensures high accuracy in managing stock levels and can give clear insights to prevent stockouts or overstock situations.

WrkPlan's warehouse inventory monitoring software offers real-time updates and notifications for low inventory or overstock situations. This helps prevent stockouts and overstock scenarios, enabling timely reorders and maintaining optimal inventory levels to meet demand.

Common inventory management challenges include inaccurate demand forecasting, shelf life expiration, inventory theft, stock damages, and more. WrkPlan's user-friendly inventory management software efficiently addresses these issues, providing cost-effective solutions.

WrkPlan is a cloud-based inventory management software hosted by AWS Cloud Security, enhancing your data security protocols and providing better control over your inventory data. AWS centralizes your inventory data, making it easily accessible while ensuring data security.

With WrkPlan easy inventory management software you can easily streamline your supply chain. WrkPlan offers you real-time visibility, and control over your entire supply chain, optimizes inventory level, and minimizes manual errors to boost your supply chain and handle demands.

WrkPlan provides an easy-to-use SKU generation tool for generating SKU numbers for any specific item or item range.

Using batch reports, you can utilize the batch tracking feature in WrkPlan.

Whenever a new shipment arrives, you can add the serial number for that shipment.

Yes, you can. WrkPlan enables users to add or delete items in bulk easily.

WrkPlan allows you to track your inventory by batch number, warehouse locations, or item expiry dates in the inventory reports.

Yes, you can customize your inventory reports based on your specific business requirements.

With the WrkPlan inventory management system for warehouses, you can efficiently monitor multiple warehouses and access detailed reports for each warehouse in the warehouse overview report.

Yes, offers an inter-warehouse stock transfer facility, allowing you to move stocks from one warehouse to another within the system.

Yes, WrkPlan enables the drop shipment facility, allowing direct delivery of goods to your customers. You can change your shipment method to enable this feature.

WrkPlan is a comprehensive inventory solution suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

With WrkPlan's inventory management system, businesses can reduce inventory expenses by inventory in real-time, accurately forecasting demand, and optimizing inventory levels. This minimizes costs associated with overstocking or stockouts, such as storage fees, product wastage, and lost sales. WrkPlan enables data-driven decisions on restocking, purchase quantities, and inventory storage to further minimize costs.

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