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wrkplan has been successfully running for over a decade in the USA. Now, a GST-compliant version of WrkPlan is launched for use in India. The India version of wrkplan is especially designed for effective use by Manufacturers, Service firms and Trading companies.



wrkplan operation is an easiest task for any user. With high quality user-friendly interface this Cloud based ERP Software enhance productivity with in time variation reporting.



wrkplan provides a complete built in security system, viz User-Specific database access control and auto signalling for any unauthorized access attempt.



Say Goodbye to a long gestation period of ERP Implementation. Now it is just almost a plug in.

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GST Compliant Accounting

The Goods & Service Tax(GST) is a value added tax levied under a law of the Government of India on most Goods & Services sold for domestic consumption.

Business houses will now have to be more vigilant on maintaining Books of Accounts, submitting returns, in time and with utmost accuracy and observing regulatory formalities.

wrkplan has designed and implemented GST Compliant system in such manner that users can observe all statutory formalities:-

  • To generate GST Compatible invoices with inner check for GST levy of the billing materials
  • To compute the accumulated GST charged and GST paid on monthly basis
  • To total tax computation and payments made for GST on month to month basis
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Inventory Control with Warehouse Management system envisages maintaining right quantity of Material in stock with given range of stock usage. The System runs in the following norms:-

A) Pre-system run

  • Unlimited Multi-Tagged product grouping & sub-grouping viz scientific grouping of materials an easy codification system and maintenance of proper stores catalogue based on correct nomenclature.
  • Multi-Unit of measurement with conversion factors.
  • Multi warehouse stock ledger

B) Actual Run of the system(Central point to multi locational Warehouse)
for each transaction

  • issue of material stock is updated and check the current status of the stock and if re-order level reached Requisition generated
  • receipt of material, by way of new stock arrival or return of the material. stock is updated and stock valuation is computed with unit price fixed by FIFO/Weighted Average Method.
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wrkplan has developed a totally integrated Payroll system which handles

  • Maintenance of Employee wise Master Data File comprises details of each employee, i.e. Employee Name, Salary details, Leave due and all others.
  • Monthwise updation of the Master with resignation, promotion, salary revision, etc
  • Leave computation
  • Attendance recording with Time in WRKPLAN’s Attendance Management
  • E-Payslip generation
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Managing & extending long term relationship with the Clients are the best way to retain continuous business. wrkplan, through its module C R M(Customer Relationship Management), extends supports to your Clients for

  • Prospective Clients – Clients who can bring values to Company but not included in the Clientele list, are kept in touch from time to time and informed about our ERP– wrkplan new features added, new pricing module and others. C R M handles the matter in such a manner that the customer should not be antagonized in any way but would be encouraged to keep in touch with you.
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Additional aspects

Our product also has these modules:


wrkplanerp for manufacturing industry offers a multi-branch computing system which helps to access real-time sales & purchase, income expense statement and inventory across different branches and warehouses. It will also give a detail report on centralized stock view and purchase, stock transfer and product-wise sales summary. As transaction volume is high in multi-branch computing, the cloud accounting software also assists in auto synchronization of data between the HO and multiple branches. The complete process will save time, cost, and ensure no data will be lost.

HelpDsk Help Center

wrkplan provides all clients unlimited support service for any issues while at work. Our online accounting software support team will guide you through every complication and help you create better and easier solutions at work.


Internal controls are fundamental to protection of all kinds of operational and financial information.wrkplan advanced user access rights are highly flexible. Any user can be granted full, limited, or no access to the individual functions and reports within each module of this financial management software.

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