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Free inventory management
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Simplify inventory control
with WrkPlan

Manage re-order point, along with multi-warehouse management and dormant stock analysis to keep your customers satisfied with
WrkPlan Inventory, a complete inventory control system.


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Simplify inventory
multi-warehouse management

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Quick and easy
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Consistent in keeping track
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With WrkPlan inventory track each item or batch in the warehouse based on serial number and our batch tracking component. With this, one can easily locate items anytime in the warehouse; keep control on the quantity of stock, date of expiry and other essentials.

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How WrkPlan inventory optimizes
work operation?


  • Comprehensive information on existing stock

    Through a unique classification/codification system (grouping together of materials of technical affinity & allocating part, stock, code or reference number) all information can be had for any stock items.

  • Auto re-ordering

    Stock is checked and if re-order level is reached and purchase requisition is raised and sent to the Purchase Department routed through the proper authority. Check also whether average usage is as per norms and if not signal is issued.

  • Material receipt generation

    On receipt of materials GRN is raised and stock is replenished and pricing re-computed.

  • Auto reminder for stock replenishment

    Daily check of the stock and if replenishment not done by Purchase Department reminder to be sent

  • Dormant Stock Analysis

    If any stock item is not used for a considerable period of time intimation sent to the Management for necessary action.

  • Actual run of the system

    Access to any Inventory items - to any warehouses located at any point.

  • Probabilistic Analyses

    Periodically complete analysis is done about the average lead time, lead time material demand, probable variation of demand in consumption and other factors and on analysis take into these features of real-life situations in arriving at a solutions which yield the greatest overall economy.

  • Generation of Requisition slips

    Materials issue - On line Requisition slips are sent to the Stores, duly authorized, and on issue of materials, pricing of materials is done sent to the Accounts

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