What do you mean by GST Registration?

GST registration is an online registration for a business operator who qualifies as a taxable entity, meeting the prescribed turnover thresholds of Rs. 40 lakhs for goods, Rs. 20 lakhs for services, or Rs. 10 lakhs under specific circumstances. Certain businesses must undergo GST registration as a mandatory step. Failure to comply with this requirement can lead to legal repercussions and substantial penalties. This process involves providing essential business information, such as turnover, business category, and other necessary details, to obtain a unique GST identification number. Once registered, businesses must levy GST on their sales, file regular GST returns, and remit the collected taxes to the government. The GST registration portal on India’s official website facilitates this process, typically taking 2-6 working days to complete. Once you complete your GST registration, you can easily manage all your tasks in our GST Billing software.

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