Calculation Of GST

Since the implementation of GST, the calculation of taxes on goods and services has become simpler. GST encompasses multiple categories with different rates, organized into four slabs: 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. The determination of GST rates for various goods and services now depends on the nature of their transactions, distinguishing between inter-state and intra-state transactions. Easily calculate your GST with our easy-to-use GST calculator.

Intra-State tax calculation

CGST = Applied GST Rate / 2 (for 28%, CGST will be 28/2=14%)

SGST / UTGST = Applied GST Rate / 2 (for 28%, SGST will be 28/2=14%) Thus, the equation is, CGST+SGST/UTGST= Applied GST Rate.

Inter-State GST tax calculation

IGST= Applied GST Rate

To note, where applicable, GST compensation cess needs to be added to the applied GST Rate for accurate tax calculation.

GST Calculation Formula

Let us see the GST calculation formula with a simple example:

GST Amount = (Original Cost x GST Percentage) / 100

Net Amount = Original Amount + GST Amount

For instance, if a mobile phone is sold at 12,000 rupees and the GST rate for electronic devices is 18%, then the total amount of the phone will be – 12,000 + (12,000 x 18 / 100) = 14,160.

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