Audit Trails and Security

Audit Trails and Security

Audit Trails and Security

WrkPlan Tax Management Software provides an audit trail feature which is mandated by the Ministry of Company Affairs in any GST-compliant accounting software. This feature enables you to track the history of a transaction from its beginning to its end, helping you maintain transparency and integrity of your financial data.

The audit trail records all entries and changes made to financial transactions, including the person making the changes and when they were made, to detect or prevent any fraudulent or unauthorized activity. Here are some common functions of the audit trail:

Compliance –
Using the Audit Trail feature, you can maintain business compliance by recording and allowing traceability of all financial transactions.

Transparency –
With the Audit Trail feature, you can get clear visibility of your financial transactions, understand your financial position, identify any accounting errors, and take action.

Fraud Prevention –
The Audit Trail enables you to easily detect any fraudulent activities by showing any unauthorized changes to financial data. This reduces financial risks and safeguards your accounts.

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