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Payroll - Crafted for a Better Workflow

Payroll is a crucial function to any Organization and needs to run smoothly so your business can operate. Payroll is an integral part of the WrkPlan package. The system prepares and maintains all data needed and updates and runs Payroll in a timely manner. You can rest assured that your employees will be paid promptly and that accurate records are maintained as well as a wide range of automatically generated reports, well in time for MIS (Management Information Systems) and meeting regulatory norms.

The most comprehensive payroll module to manage your employees

Now, managing payroll for your employees is easy, flexible and accurate at every instant.

Data Migration

We help you migrate your entire Payroll data from your previous system to ensure a quick and easy implementation. Your configurable, fully integrated database can support multiple locations, categories, or other organizational structures you need to track.

Track Changes to Employee Salaries/ Benefits

Easily keep track of changes to employee compensation or benefits over time. You can also keep track of employee performance incentives or one-time bonuses. WrkPlan will update compensation changes throughout the entire system from Customer Billing to Payroll.

Employee Timesheet Submission

WrkPlan has a fully integrated, online Timesheet Portal where employees submit their hours.Each employee is able to log the total time worked each day, what was done and which project or category it was done for. The system also handles absent days, vacation or other types of leave. This information is fed directly to the other areas of WrkPlan and used to generate Invoices and Payroll – direct from the source data. There are numerous reports that come standard with WrkPlan that can be used to analyse hours and cost data - such as the MIS report which details employee productivity or the Project-wise Labour Cost Computation and Variation report.

Access Payslips Online

Employees love the ability to view their Payslips directly online through WrkPlan and are even able to download then in PDF format. One can even access historical Payslips as of any month at any time by simply logging in to the portal.

PF / ESI Computation

While computing Payroll, WrkPlan deducts and maintains records for Provident Fund, Employees State Insurance, Professional Tax, and delivers statements for statutory compliance. Statements are automatically generated and can be set to recur monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and/or annually.

Bonus Computation

Built into the Payroll system is the ability to calculate various types of Bonuses. Some Bonus calculations include:

  • Annual Bonus - computed for employees subject to the Payment of Bonus Act, who have completed 30 days of service for given financial year.
  • Regular Bonus – can be awarded by Management on a case-by-case basis and added on top of any statutory bonus calculation.
  • Other – Bonuses for staff members not under the Payment of Bonus Act
  • Intimation slips are generated for Bonus recipients as well, including detailed information for the employee.

Assist Employees in Filing IT Returns

WrkPlan extends support to employees or Staff Members by digitally generating a signed Form 16, which consists of all payments received by the individual during a particular time period. This report helps employees understand their Income Tax Liability for a particular fiscal year so they can submit their Tax Returns accordingly.

Assist Employees in Filing IT Returns

WrkPlan extends support to the Staff Members by generating digitally signed Form 16 consisting Payment received by the Staff Members during a particular time period. This assists the Staff Members to understand their Income Tax Liability for a particular fiscal year and submit Returns accordingly.

Streamline payroll processing in minutes backed by our experts

  • Our team of Payroll experts have the intense product knowledge and are ready to assist you at every step.
  • After the implementation, the payroll solution will run automatically with real time update and proper control on the complete payroll setup of the organization.
  • The payroll module facilitates TDS deductions of employees who fall under the Income Tax slabs. Wrkplan highlights the complete breakdown of tax deductions and also update on year-wise tax liabilities.
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