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Payroll is a crucial function to any Organization and needs to run smoothly so your business can operate. Payroll is an integral part of the WrkPlan package. The system prepares and maintains all data needed and updates and runs Payroll in a timely manner. You can rest assured that your employees will be paid promptly and that accurate records are maintained as well as a wide range of automatically generated reports, well in time for MIS (Management Information Systems) and meeting regulatory norms.

The most comprehensive payroll modules to manage your employees

Now, managing payroll for your employees is easy, flexible and accurate at every instant.

Advanced payroll processing-

  • Industry specific payroll-

    WrkPlan offers industry-specific payroll that suits your business. Different industries have different formats of managing their employee payroll process. We offer flexibility in computing the payroll according to the industry’s requirement.

  • Easy processing of employee loans-

    This keeps track of different financial loans given to employees, and at every interval, the instalments are auto-debited. The organization can have a complete holding on the process with real-time notifications.

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Easy employee enrollment-

  • Trouble-free employee data migration-

    Transfer all your existing employee data into WrkPlan payroll in a minimum time limit with no stress at work. The solution aids to import basic details of each employee in an organization to reduce manual load and make it error-free.

  • Reviewing employee salary-

    The organization has access to review employee salary in this module. The employer can monitor individual employee salary hike that includes appraisals, increments and retain the most productive talent with good rewards in the near future.

  • Boosting employee self-service-

    Helps to reduce payroll cost and time for routine data entry, as the employees have access to their self-portal where they can enter data at any time.

  • Simple exit management process-

    This automates the work on the final settlement process of an employee like sending the payslips, enchasing the leaves, PF/ Gratuity settlement and few other miscellaneous.

  • Access payslips online-

    Employees can view their monthly payslips online by logging into their self-service portal in a complete PDF format.

payroll software for small business

Constructive administration-

  • Clutter free setup-

    Enter details of your organization, information on taxes, basic details of employees, salary components, PF and gratuity details and get started with payroll processing.

  • Multi work locations-

    As business starts growing, organizations open up different branch offices in different cities, but we help you to control the payroll computation most efficiently across all your branches.

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Auto compliance with real time reporting-

  • Flexible to changing scenarios-

    Tax structures may alter as directed by the government. The payroll system easily interprets all the changes for the organization so that there are no such difficulties in further computation.

  • Assist employees in filing IT declaration at every interval-

    Digitally signed form 16 to help employees in filling IT return with ease. The portal also supports the employees in understanding their liabilities without any hindrance.

  • Assessment in government dues-

    All employees in an organization who falls under the bracket of IT return has to pay the TDS, and the payroll system enables an auto deduction every month.

  • Managing the account for labour welfare fund of employees-

    Processing the LWF for employees at a timely schedule, accurate computation, and make the contributions across all branch offices.

  • Reports on IT return-

    Reports on Income tax deductions always need a periodic evaluation. The payroll system helps to get access to complete tax deduction summary reports of all employees.

payroll software in india

Individual employee portal-

  • Password protected employee documents-

    The payroll system helps to secure employee’s payslips and other tax computation documents with passwords to keep everything confidential.

  • Effortless reimbursement process-

    Employees can easily claim reimbursement expenses by attaching the bills in the portal. This maintains transparency on both sides of the employees and the employers.

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Streamline payroll processing in minutes backed by our experts

  • Our team of Payroll experts have the intense product knowledge and are ready to assist you at every step.
  • After the implementation, the payroll solution will run automatically with real time update and proper control on the complete payroll setup of the organization.
  • The payroll module facilitates TDS deductions of employees who fall under the Income Tax slabs. WrkPlan highlights the complete breakdown of tax deductions and also update on year-wise tax liabilities.
best hr and payroll software in india
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