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Adopt WrkPlan, our innovative SaaS solution, crafted to streamline your business processes. Easily configurable, GST compliant, and loaded with features to enhance your organization's performance.

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Multiple Business Solutions with WrkPlan

WrkPlan’s cloud-based ERP software offers streamlined business management solutions with modules like GST Accounting, Payroll Management, and Inventory Management. It offers the latest cloud security programs to keep your data protected and operational.

  • GST Accounting Software India

    Finance & Accounting

    WrkPlan is a comprehensive accounting solution providing vital information through financial reporting, income and expense management, monitoring cash flow, invoicing, and much more.
  • Payroll Management Software

    HR & Payroll

    Our robust HRMS & Payroll management features allow for easy handling of tasks such as payroll preparation, PF/ESI returns, and issuing Annual TDS forms.
  • Inventory Management Software India

    Inventory Management

    Managing your inventory has never been easier. WrkPlan enables smooth inventory control by tracking and managing stock in real-time across multiple locations.
cloud based erp software in india
GST accounting software profit and loss report

Software that has your back in finance

WrkPlan controls the entire financial structure, from recording bank transactions to expenses and beyond.

  • Keep a close watch on where your money is moving.
  • Reminders on payables and receivables
  • Customized financial reports for better decision-making

Features at a Glance

WrkPlan offers a host of useful features that meet your business needs and helps operate your business flexibly. File your GST returns with ease and keep them compliant, track your inventory, monitor employee benefits, and many more from one single platform.

  • GST compliant accounting software

    GST Return Filing

    File GST returns with ease and error-freely with WrkPlan GST-compliant accounting software. Providing a hassle-free system for an organized procedure.
  • GST compliant accounting software in India

    Financial Reporting

    WrkPlan Financial Reporting provides a set of tools to help you gather, summarize, and analyze real-time financial and operational data. This will give you a clear understanding of your company’s financial health.
  • multi branch accounting software
    It is imperative to evaluate the performance of various branches of an organization. With WrkPlan, branch accounting gets easy by tracking transactions at every level and gaining better insights into various financial reports.
  • Warehouse Management Software

    Multi Warehouse

    Keep a tight check on multiple warehouses at different locations and monitor their operations methodically. With WrkPlan track the stock movements, stock levels, and other warehouse management solutions in a robust and structured manner.

  • GST accounting software India


    Generate e-invoices directly from the software to the IRP. It is simple to operate and saves valuable hours through quick automation and zero downtime.
  • ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry
    WrkPlan's ERP system helps streamline manufacturing operations through the latest automation and real-time tracking feature.


  • Customized Invoice Templates
  • Vendor & Customer Portal
  • Role center
  • 3PL
  • Payment reminders
  • Reorder and Safety Stock Level
  • Sub-inventory & Locators
  • Production Planning & MRP
  • Custom Reports
  • Unit Conversion
  • E-Way bill
  • POS
  • Item set assembling
  • Payroll Employee Portal App

Stay Ahead with Comprehensive Functional Insights

Witness our achievements in deploying accounting and payroll software solutions with flying numbers. Over the years we have been growing and gaining trust and paving our way to getting bigger and better with new integrations and solutions.

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Nitesh Patel

Account Manager

The WrkPlan team knows how to keep their promises. We asked them for a few customizations and they did it within just a few days. Now my teams can easily manage taxes without any issues.
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Divya Teja

Project Manager

The product quality is consistently outstanding, exceeding my expectations every time I ask for development,I am completely impressed with the service and Response. The Best App .
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Deputy Manager HR

Thank you to the team WrkPlan for your patience and professionalism. We have worked with them to set up a cloud-based ERP on our premises and they executed it within a stipulated time frame. WrkPlan Team is always quick to reply and provide good support!   
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Get Your Business Organized with WrkPlan ERP Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

WrkPlan ERP software offers all the necessary tools needed for running your business smoothly. Here are the key features of WrkPlan:

  • Financials and Accounting
  • Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing
  • HRMS & Payroll
  • Compliance and Security

WrkPlan empowers businesses by providing a centralized platform to manage and automate various processes such as orders, customers, inventory, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, and other crucial data of your business. Businesses with the help of WrkPlan can seamlessly track their workflows, improve collaboration, enhance data accuracy, and facilitate better decision-making.

Businesses can easily start with WrkPlan by purchasing our monthly or yearly plans. The implementation process is simple and easy to execute

  • First, the client company account will be created.
  • Once it is done, the client can either provide the data for uploading or do it by themselves once we provide them access.

WrkPlan is a SaaS-based cloud ERP system, hosted by AWS Cloud Security to enhance your data security protocol and give you better control over your data. With AWS you can centralise your data, store it in one place and get easy access to your data.

WrkPlan is a cloud-based online ERP software, hosted by AWS cloud. WrkPlan easily enables you to import data from spreadsheets or other ERP systems to WrkPlan without worrying about any data losses. This can save time during the transition to a new software platform. Ensure that your current data format is compatible with the new software.

Optimize your inventory and warehouse operations with ease by utilizing WrkPlan's inventory management feature. With this tool, you can effectively monitor your supply chain and effortlessly manage and identify stock items across multiple warehouses.

WrkPlan ERP is equipped with various dynamic tools that can help small businesses increase work efficiency, and improve data accuracy. WrkPlan enables small businesses to automate time-consuming tasks like expense tracking, invoicing, inventory management, employee management, GST returns filling, payrolling, etc. allowing businesses to focus on more important tasks at hand such as decision-making and increasing productivity.

We provide monthly and yearly subscription plans.

Just simply visit our website and fill out the details to book a free live demo of our ERP software.

Yes, we offer a free demo of our ERP software. You can also get a free 7-day trial by signing up on our website.

WrkPlan ERP offers customization that caters to specific business needs.

Yes, you can cancel your WrkPlan ERP subscription anytime you want.

Once you cancel your WrkPlan subscription, we will hand over all your data in our simple format.

WrkPlan enterprise suite is more economical. Our monthly packages start from only rupees 950 per user.

Yes, some degree training is required to use WrkPlan. We provide free training on WrkPlan ERP during the post-implementation period.

No, we do not provide on-premise software. We only offer subscription plans that you can purchase.

For any service-related query, our support team is available by phone calls (1-800-120-2449) or via the website, between 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Yes, you can access the software from any device but it is preferred to use a desktop or a laptop for more detailed operation.

WrkPlan ERP software can easily be implanted on any device within just 3 days.