Terms and Conditions

This terms of service agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is a legal contract between ARB software. And you or the business you represent (collectively, “you” and “we”). The terms of service offered by ARB software at the website www.wrkplan.in under the trade name wrkplan (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) are governed by this agreement.

You expressly accept the terms of service outlined in this agreement below by using wrkplan services.


The wrkplan name and logo are registered trademarks of ARB software. You acknowledge that you may only use this trademark with ARB software’s prior written consent

Summary of services

On the website www.wrkplan.in, ARB software. Provides many services. Internet browsers that are supported by these services can be used to access these services online. Enterprise resource planning (ERP), project management, human resource management (hrm), accounting, sales, and customer support modules, as well as warehouse and manufacturing-related modules, are some of the services offered. Future additions or deletions of additional service modules are subject to ARB software’s discretion.
These services are available for both personal and professional use. You must register for an account on the www.wrkplan.in website to use these services.
One or more of the modules made available by these services may be used by you. Any module you choose to use will be subject to the terms of this agreement.

Agreement to the terms

To accept the terms of this agreement, you must be of legal age. By checking the box next to the button that says “I accept the terms,” you can declare your agreement to the terms. Furthermore, by using the services, you formally accept the terms of this agreement.

Consumer account

You must register and set up a user account to access the services provided by www.wrkplan.in. You consent to give true information about yourself and your company during the user sign-up process. Your email address will be used to send you account access information like passwords as well as to verify your identity and establish your account. You consent to offer a true email address that will support account verification.
To use the services at www.wrkplan.in, each user must create a unique user account.

Payments and fees

You will be charged by ARB software for any services you use on www.wrkplan.in. On www.wrkplan.in, the prices for these services are made available. You consent to make credit card payments once you sign up for our services and decide to purchase them. You must provide information about a legitimate credit card that you intend to use to pay for ARB software.

Depending on the features and payment option you select, you may be charged on a half-yearly or annual basis for services provided in the saas (software as a service) form factor. On the day that you sign up for our services, your billing cycle begins. You commit to remitting these payments on a regular schedule. Your payment plan will automatically charge your credit card.

Please email sales@wrkplan.in with any questions about fees or payments.

Refund procedure

Every sale is final. The amount corresponding to the remaining time in your billing cycle will not be refunded if you decide to stop using our services at any time.

Make maintenance plans

Every Sunday between 10:00 am and 06:00 pm (IND, IST), the services offered at www.wrkplan.in will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.

Suitable use

You consent to make reasonable use of the services for either personal or business purposes. You may not assign your use of our services to another person or entity. Without first obtaining written consent from ARB software, you are not permitted to resell our services to other customers. Without ARB software’s prior written consent, you may not offer additional services on top of our services. Without consenting to our terms and conditions, you may not post links to third-party websites.

Spam and unlawful activit

You pledge not to infringe on another user’s intellectual property rights. You must not engage in spamming or phishing on www.wrkplan.in. You are not permitted to upload or create any content that could be considered unlawful, abusive, obscene, racist, or otherwise harmful to other users of wrkplan. If ARB software suspects that you are using our website for any illegal purposes, we reserve the right to cancel your account and deny you access to our services.

Privacy and personal information

Please see our privacy policy for more information on how we treat the personal data you declare at www.wrkplan.in. Your user account and access credentials are personal data that only you have access to. You oversee maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of this information. If your account access information is stolen or lost accidentally, we are not responsible for any data exposure or monetary losses that result.

Program in beta

To test the market and gather feedback from customers, ARB software may offer specific services through a beta program. We have the sole discretion to determine the nature and duration of such beta programs. The service provided as part of a beta program may be changed to regular commercial service at any time. You agree that we are not responsible for any harm or financial loss resulting from discontinuing the beta program service if we choose not to turn it into a regular commercial service.

Communications regarding your accoun

Regular communications about the status of your account and any optional services will be sent to you by ARB software. Usually, email will be used to deliver this message. You must receive all mandatory administrative and account-related communications and cannot choose not to receive them.

Data management

You may create, upload, or edit content on our website while using our services. This information will be regarded as your data. ARB software shall have the right to transmit, store, retrieve, archive, or back up such data while you are the owner of it to maintain the functionality and business continuity of our website.


You agree to refrain from violating any copyrights, including posting other people’s content without getting their written consent, citing sources without giving proper credit, uploading files without the owners’ consent, and disclosing private information like credit card numbers, passwords, and personal profiles of other people. ARB Software reserves the right to suspend the user account and access to the services in the event of a copyright violation.

Refusal of warranties

You recognize and acknowledge that you use www.wrkplan.in services at your own risk. At www.wrkplan.in, services are provided “as is.” the continuity or interruption of our services is not guaranteed by ARB software. When downloading content from www.wrkplan.in, ARB software makes no warranties of any kind, and this includes warranties against harm to the computer or mobile device you use to access these services.

Restrictions on liability

You acknowledge and agree that the use of our services may result in direct or indirect losses of any kind, including, but not limited to, losses of business profits, business interruption, loss of information, and other similar losses. Furthermore, ARB software denies all responsibility for any losses or damages resulting from the prolonged unavailability of our services for any cause. You may decide to stop using our services in such circumstances. In each of these scenarios, the maximum amount of our liability will be the fees you have already paid for our services.


By the terms of this agreement, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless ARB Software, its officers, directors, and employees from and against any losses and damages resulting from or connected with any allegations that you have used the services in violation of the rights of any third party.

Changes to the terms of service

Periodically, we might change the terms. If we make any such changes to our terms of service, we will let you know. You may decide to stop using our services if you do not agree to the modified terms of service. You are expressly accepting our updated, revised terms of service if you decide to keep using our services.