Diverse Solutions Across Multiple Industries.

WrkPlan’s customized solutions can be catered to a varied range of industries.

WrkPlan has the skill and the capacity to serve different industries with our customized solutions, validating our scalability and modernized software features.

cloud based erp solution in india

Customized ERP Solution for Diversified Businesses

Now easily and effortlessly manage your payroll with the latest software features and functionalities.

  • Manufacturing

    Manage warehouses, streamline orders, and schedule production with an efficient ERP system.

    • Efficient Rack Management
    • Document Management System.
    • Quality Check Management
    • Efficient Warehouse Management
    • Streamlined Order Management
    • Manages and Controls the Production Process
    • Production Scheduling
  • Service

    Get the Best out of WrkPlan with Cloud Solution Features for error-free operations.

    • Real-time Order Management
    • Cloud Storage for Data Recording
    • Managing Financial Transactions
    • Streamlined Data Management
    • Computerized Data Arrangement
    • Cloud Security for Data Protection
    • Configuring Multiple Project Functions
  • Trading

    Get Detailed Inventory Reports, Stock Flow, and Other Functions with accuracy and precision.

    • Adjusting Inflow and Outflow of Stocks.
    • Classifying Items by Groups and Categories
    • Auto-Generate Vendor PO and Customer SO
    • Service Reports and Job Card
    • Financial Report Analysis.
    • Identifying Inventory Requirements & Item Usages.
    • Analyze Previous Sales Records