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Here are some of the solutions and benefits that you will experience with WrkPlan ERP

  • CEO reporting

    WrkPlan is very much CEO friendly. CEO or any other Sr Executive can obtain any Management information in details enabling taking spot decision/future planning.

    • Period wise/Region wise Product sales
    • Comparative chart from previous period – whether sales falling/escalating
    • Average product wise sales proceeds realization
    • Profit contribution for each product’s sales realization
    • Stock valuation
  • Employee Reporting

    Employees can also benefit from using WrkPlan, a cloud based ERP software that improves their daily performance and productivity.

    • Increase work transparency thus helps employees for self evaluation and growth
    • Improve employee productivity through generating performance reports
    • Assign training process based on required criteria for each employees
  • GST inward and outward register reports

    Every business entity needs to maintain GST inward & outward register reports in order to maintain efficient accounting practices. Inward supply defined as the product received by your business and outward services where the business made supply outside. Below are the reports that you can generate through WrkPlan ERP

    • Generation of GST inward register reports upon purchasing goods and services
    • Generate reports for GST outward register for selling of goods and services
    • GSTR-3B reports generates data of all GSTR-3B returns of any particular GSTIN
    • GSTR-3B reports provide its’ users with data that helps in comparison with books of accounts and preparation of annual return

    With WrkPlan ERP, you will generate proper employee salary report with income tax statement with ease.

  • Payroll Reports

    In order to manage the employee productivity, respective department need to conduct various calculations or generate reports that includes

    • Hours worked
    • Overtime hours
    • Attendance
    • Pay rate
    • Absenteeism

    WrkPlan ERP provide with auto generated payroll reports for our clients without wasting time for calculation and report generation.

  • Stock in-out records

    Process of stock in and out is the part of every business process and being an accountant it is essential to maintain every reports and records effectively and efficiently.

    • Warehouse stock register reports helps to review inventory details such as the current stock, sales margins, reorder quantities, and so on.
    • Stock in-out register
  • Sales Reports

    Company revenue or profit generation is only determined by the sales progress and analysis of this report helps us to set future target for any business. WrkPlan ERP helps our clients to generate such detailed reports with proper forecasts in no time.

  • Employee salary & Income Tax statement Reports

    The ITR-1 form notified by the government for FY 2018-19 has simplified filling in salary details this year. The salary details required in ITR-1 is now just a copy-paste of the details available in your Form-16. This is a departure from the manner in which salary details were required to be filled in the previous year.

    This year, ITR-1 has been synchronized with Form-16 to enable salaried taxpayers to easily fill in details.

    • Warehouse stock register reports helps to review inventory details such as the current stock, sales margins, reorder quantities, and so on.
    • Stock in-out register
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