Cloud Application

Software as a Service (SaaS) provides a robust, cost effective and efficient way to buy, manage and deploy Software. SaaS empowers its users with a greater prospect of delivering real business value to Organization through controlled costs, global accessibility and an increased ability to focus on innovation and variation.

The WrkPlan software is provided via this SaaS model. Customers (both companies and individuals) enjoy cloud-based delivery and pay on subscription basis. The technology allows users to access the software at any time and receive periodic updates immediately.


WrkPlan, a SAAS ERP Software provide various utility towards business process and are as follows

  • Deals with payroll and other personnel handling processes for virtual HR department support
  • Help businesses avoid wasting resources on excess inventory and prevent stored material depletion, to streamline productivity
  • Provide proper scalability and integration



Benefits WrkPlan as cloud based ERP?


  • Performs as a cost-effective SaaS module on cloud platform

    WrkPlan enables delivery in a SaaS model thereby reducing the upfront investment cost for the software. It also eliminates maintenance of data and equipment cost, thus makes it a cost effective platform.

  • Generation of Business Analyses Reports on real time basis

    WrkPlan generates real-time business analyses reports, with complete drill down facilities. These reports include trend analysis, product wise profit contribution and many more. It therefore helps the management to make business forecast and formulate business policies.

  • Access from anywhere on any device

    It gives users the benefit of operating the software from anywhere on any device. A user having access to this platform can check and maintain all the reports and databases with ease. Thus users' location will not be a barrier to access this ERP software.

  • Customized and configurable dashboard

    It offers a basic SaaS based user interface without any requirement for installation of hardware and software. It provides configurable dashboard which can be easily customizable according to clients’ requirement without any extra cost.

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