Most Common Questions asked by our Clients

  • Services for cloud ERP are charged on a subscription basis while on-premise ERP has to bear expenses on upgrading, infrastructure, and implementation.
  • For cloud ERP, the responsibility of securing the business data is on the vendor team, having expert personnel with the latest security solutions. While in the case of legacy ERP, the business itself maintains the security of its data.
  • Implementation of cloud ERP software is way quicker than on-premise software.
  • Upgrading of cloud ERP software is taken care of by the vendors hence it is done with the release of a newer version. On-premise ERP does not get upgraded easily and the customer needs to be aware of the latest versions.

  • Using cloud ERP for business processes helps simplify the business structure and considerably saves time and effort.
  • Cloud ERP is scalable. It helps businesses to react promptly to dynamic changes in business conditions by scaling its system with newer users, add-ons, and features.
  • It can manage all business tools through one platform. This saves a lot of time for the employees in training and learning the applications of multiple software for different purposes.
  • Cloud ERP helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the workers due to advanced functions and automation features.

WrkPlan should be the right choice for managing a small business due to its customized functions and scalability in operation. WrkPlan cloud ERP software provides business houses with the freedom to choose their preferred features and pay accordingly enabling them to pay only for the services they require.

WrkPlan cloud ERP software offers the best financial services for accountants by simplifying the auditing of indirect taxes and GST calculations. It tracks income and expenses and helps in exporting GST reports very quickly. Using WrkPlan for your accounts could help you save ample time and effort and will minimize any calculation errors during the process.

  • One platform system helps in locating categories and options.
  • Makes the business process easy due to several automation features.
  • Accelerates accounting functions and saves time and cost by reducing errors.
  • Gives a detailed report of the inventory or payroll activities that are functioning.
  • The system is customized, hence business owners can structurize the system as per their requirements.
  • It helps track inventory movement and manage multi-branch accounting easily and with accuracy.

  • WrkPlan is a completely cloud-based ERP solution.
  • It offers customized reports for a better analysis of the situation.
  • The pricing is flexible, business owners can choose the pricing structure based on their needs and usage.

WrkPlan is a completely cloud-based ERP software that offers enhanced security features provided by Amazon Web Service cloud security. It provides us the entire control to choose where we can store your data. It further offers accessibility features and automates and reduces the risk through enhanced integrated services.

The implementation process is simple and easy to execute

  • First, the client company will be created
  • Once it is done, the client either can provide the data for uploading or can do it by themselves once we provide them access.

The implementation process takes an average time of 3 days.

  • Financial
  • GSTR
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Process
  • Payroll Process.

Yes, you can access the software from any device but it is preferred to use a desktop or a laptop for more detailed operation.

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Trading Industry
  • Service Industry
  • Education Industry

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