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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an integral tool to any growing business. Of course, a CRM system is only as useful as the data that goes in it - which is why WrkPlan's CRM has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Your employees will be able to start using the system quickly to track all sorts of sales activity and metrics. Built-in reporting keeps management in-the-know with real-time data - saving hours of time usually spent creating manual summaries - time that your team can use to better serve your customers or to increase sales!



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Key Benefits of WrkPlan's CRM

  • Quick Implementation - import data from previous records and little training needed
  • Track all communication and milestones reached with current or future customers.
  • Automated user and date/time stamped notes to maintain accountability and proper records
  • Customizable Metrics - track what is important to your business!
    • By Customer
      Customer Demographics
      Purchasing Habits
      Customer Satisfaction
    • By Product Line or Service
      Quality or Material Demand
      After-Sale Services
      Product Prices or Quantity Needed
      Other Product Criteria
  • Analyse data easily with reports - allowing you to improve sales processes and customer service
  • Centralized, real-time record of all communication across departments - can be used for both historic record keeping as well as planning future communication/ outreach
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  • Holistic view of your target group

    Aids in organizing and enhancing the marketing strategies in a better way as the audience dashboard helps the user to view the target group at a glance, segmentation is also done within the customers based on varied data.

  • Turning customers insights to action

    It also assists in setting up automated messages to the target audience based on particular segments. This converts customer's insights into action as they receive various kinds of offers frequently to buy the products of the company.

  • Pre-built segments for a better customer relationship

    WrkPlan has few pre-built segments that give great support to the team managing customer relationship. The segments found in your dashboard are- Contact sources, Top locations, e-mail engagement with people who seems to be more absorbed, and forecast data on demographics.

  • Real time reports generation

    Businesses can be now smarter with real-time analytics. WrkPlan CRM is an appropriate module to manage some intricate details like territory wise sales growth tracking of current trends in the market, and much more. The analytics augments the result in a short period.

  • Build a better relation with clients

    With all the leads together in one platform, it is easy to look after each prospect in a personalized way. WrkPlan CRM involves activity tracking that records individual interaction for further follow- up, stores unlimited contacts of people in the buying cycle, and also activates several communication tools like e-mails, social media messages etc.

  • Training programs and transparent pricing plans

    WrkPlan provides deployment consultation and training programs to each client for hassle-free use. Onsite training is also available for clients operating from far away location. Also, our pricing plans are moderate enough for any small or medium scale industry.

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