Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Attendance System

A Comprehensive Cloud-Based Attendance Management System

WrkPlan’s biometric attendance system ensures accurate monitoring of employee leaves and presence and securely maintains the personnel data with a simple fingerprint

Here is how organizations benefit from WrkPlan:

  • Improves accuracy of the HR department
  • Discards time theft
  • Systematic payroll management with accurate employee attendance
  • Removes any physical contact
  • Saves time and employee workload
Wrkplan Attendance Management

100% Accurate and Convenient Attendance System for Employee Data Management

WrkPlan ensures faster data synchronization with the system for accurate and convenient management of employee attendance records.

  • Fingerprint biometric system

    Fingerprint biometric system

  • Cloud-based system for storage and security

    Cloud-based system for storage and security

  • Centralized data management.

    Centralized data management

WrkPlan Offerings

A comprehensive attendance management system for elemental reporting.


  • It centralizes the attendance records
  • Provides role-based login access
  • Due to cloud security, there is no risk of data threat
  • Able to record real-time attendance
  • Can extract attendance data when required
  • Quick and accurate verification of an employee
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